London student launches app to allow foreigners to find friends and share food

Moving to a new city, and a new country, is a daunting experience. One London student is looking to change that, with the launch of his new app 'Meet'n'Eat'. post-Brexit UK, allowing foreign workers, visitors and international students to know that "whoever you are, wherever you are from, whilst you are in London we want your time here to be as comfortable and homely as possible."  The app connects foreigners now living in the capital with one another, allowing them to find someone to share a m

Newcastle students demand creation of refugee scholarship

A petition launched by Newcastle University's branch of national campaign Student Action for Refugees (STAR) calls on the university's Vice-Chancellor to create two scholarships for refugees. The petition has almost reached its target of 500 signatures. At the time of writing, 440 students have put their names to the demands, meaning that only 60 more signatories are needed before the petition can be presented to the university's Vice-Chancellor Chris Day. Newcastle is one of the un

University Challenge winners announce boycott of Daily Mail

This year’s University Challenge champions have entered a war of words with the Daily Mail, accusing the newspaper of being a "fascist rag" and publically announcing their boycott of the tabloid. Between their semi-final match and Monday's final, which saw Balliol College Oxford defeat Wolfson College Cambridge, members of Balliol's team were contacted via Twitter by a Daily Mail journalist, who appealed for their personal contact information. was contacted, he replied to the journalist saying

Embarrassing Bodies star calls for boys to get cervical cancer jab

Dr Christian Jessen, presenter of Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies, is calling for boys to be offered the HPV vaccine and is working with retail store Boots to give people a chance to get the jab. The HPV vacccine prevents the human papillomavirus, spread by close physical contact and sex. The virus is the main cause of cervical cancer in women, and since 2008 the injection has been offered by the NHS to girls aged 12-13, who receive the course of injections at school. Boys are not currently off

Fancy getting an MSc without ever going to campus?

Interested in earning an MSc without having to get up for 9am lectures or ever going to campus, completing all your work from the comfort of your bed? The University of Exeter may have the answer. The university's Business School has teamed up with Keypath Education, a Kansas-based educational-tech company who help partner institutions adapt to the changing demands of students, in order to offer the range of courses from September 2017. Exeter have been toying with the idea for some time, anno

US tourism expected to falter under Trump

Trump's travel ban is likely to turn swathes of tourists away from from the States, according to market intelligence provider Euromonitor. As reported in The Telegraph, Euromonitor believe that President Trump is bad for America's tourism business. Although his controversial travel ban was blocked on Friday for the second time by a federal judge, Trump took to Twitter to express his belief in the ban. Stats released by the State and Justice Departments suggest between 60,000 and 100,000 visas

The world last week - 5 stories you may have missed

Yet another week of news cycles have been dominated by the actions of America's newest President and Brexit. But what else happened around the world last week? The Romanian government has announced that it has scrapped a decree intended to soften corruption laws in the country. The law was passed on Tuesday, but was met mass protests. Hundreds of thousands of Romanians took to the streets three nights running. The decree divided the goverment - after the first wave of protests, Prime Minister S

Oscar nominated director barred from the USA after Trump's travel ban

President Trump's recently announced travel ban has struck the Oscars. An Iranian director and writer has said he will not be attending February's Academy Awards ceremony, despite being nominated for best foreign language film. Asghar Farhadi, whose 2012 film A Separation won both a Golden Globe and Oscar, has said that even if an exception is made for him, he will not travel to America next month. Trump's recent ban means that Iranian nationals cannot travel to the USA, although recent clarif
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